Who are you ?

We are Blockhead Wigs !

We service a clientele consisting of drag queens and other stage performers, but when it comes to all things hair, we have you covered—literally ! With over 15 years professionally practicing the art of styling hair and backed with 2 generations of experience in the industry (it's in our blood at this point), we are sure to provide you with a well made product and a pleasurable experience. No matter where you may reside, we are committed to providing you salon level service; it is the backbone of our business model. We believe buying a wig should share elements of a classic beauty salon visit—because why should buying drag feel like you're at an online swap meet?

Our brand is simple, but it is curated down to the box your wig is delivered in so you can feel. the. moment ! Lets face it, a luxury purchase like a hand coiffed wig should come with it's own box.

From daylight to limelight, Blockhead Wigs is about providing artfully styled wigs for whichever light you shine in.