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Offered Services

Below are descriptions of our services and guidelines used to help you anticipate the cost of our services.
All prices listed are starting prices. Prices are in USD.

Wig Dressing

No matter your fiber preference we can cut, set, and shape your wig vision into reality. We also offer dip dye services for synthetic fiber units as well as a highlights, shadow roots, and other traditional hair coloring services for human hair units. Fill out our Wig Request Form to start the process.

Hair Dressing

Cut: 95+

Set/Style: 55+


All Cuts include a Set/Style

Human Hair Color

Shadow Root: 100+

Color Balance: 80+

Full Color Change: 200+

Add Highlights: 65+

Ombré/Balayage: 140+

Synthetic Hair Dye

Dip-Dye: 150+


Bespoke Boardwork

Looking for a wig made just for you? We've got you covered. With varying degrees of design, construction, and fiber type, you and a wig artisan will determine the best wig/hairpiece for its purpose. Our popular bespoke services can provide you with a natural, more realistic appearance using precise directional knotting techniques; give you a wild vivid streak; exaggerate a wig's existing hairline; or replace the frontal lace of a factory-made wig for the best coverage of your natural hairline. A bubble mold is required with these services to achieve the best fit. Start now by filling out Wig Request Form.


Hand knotting is measured and priced by the area ventilated. Similar metrics are used by your wig artisan to determine the time needed to complete your commission.

Lace Upgrade w/ Hairline Replacement (≈13x2): 1200+

Fully Ventilated Lace Wig: 5400+


Wig Recovery

Has your wig lost its shape? Its bounce? Its character? Use our Wig Recovery Service Request Form and let us help you refresh your wig.

Wig Recovery Services include but are not limited to:

  • Shaping/Cutting

  • Redressing/Curling

  • Color change

  • Style Recovery

  • Style change

  • Unit Repair

  • Conditioning/Protective treatments (for human hair)


Wig Recovery Services do not include wig/lace cleaning services, but we can connect you to the best resources on how to maintain and clean your wigs yourself so they will last you longer. If your wig needs deep cleaning, the service cannot be performed and your wig will be returned to you.

Recovery Pricing

To give you an adequate assessment, your wig/hairpiece needs to be inspected in-person by an artisan and you will be provided an estimate reflecting the magnitude of intervention needed to rescue your piece. In addition to styling and coloring services, we offer other wig related services like lace repair and hair replacement.

*Wigs purchased from Blockhead Wigs are eligible for Wig Recovery Services at a special reduced rate. Wigs not originally styled by Blockhead Wigs will also be accepted, but on a case by case basis*

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