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10/01/21: Due to the coal shortage and ongoing rolling blackouts in China, the availability and price of factory made synthetic wigs may be affected.

out of the oven

Designed and styled by Blockhead Wigs, these wigs are priced in tiers. We choose these styles because of their classic shapes with the intention they can be paired with any look.

These styled wigs will be posted to our online store and will be available for order. They can be made in any stocked color and will be a one-off of the displayed style. We cannot guarantee an exact replica, but the design will be matched closely.

With your purchase comes: year-round customer service, a limited lifetime guarantee, and insider content (e.g. be first to know upcoming product sales and new auctions).

Commissioned works

Similar to any other art, the price for a Custom Wig is delicate arithmetic.*

Most of the wigs we style total around $335. This price accounts for sourcing and customizing the unit; setting, cutting, teasing, styling the wig; and packaging your wig so it safely arrives to your chosen delivery address. The price of each added unit, up to 2 stacked wigs, will be $75/wig. If you anticipate your wig will need 4 or more units, please contact us directly before submitting your order form.

Adjustments in price for orders requesting human hair units will be made based on availability, hair density, and hair length. Currently, human hair units are about 3x the price of their synthetic counterpart (price dependent on availability).

With your purchase comes: year-round customer service, a limited lifetime guarantee, and insider content (e.g. be first to know upcoming product sales and new auctions).

Custom ventilation

Want a hint of color? Need a little extra around the edges? We've got you covered.

Not only can ventilation provide you with a vivid streak, it can help give modern manufactured wigs a more personalized fit for better coverage of your existing hairline, or an over-dramatization of the wig's original hairline. Any custom ventilation will usually require a bubble mould so proper coverage can be added; however, these moulds are not necessary for projects that replace hair without personalization (e.g. hair-for-hair replacement like a 'money piece').

Custom ventilation is quoted relative to the estimated area of customization. The cost of additionally sourced hair necessary for customization will incur an additional charge that be collected prior to the project's start; use of hair from the wig being customized will not result in any additional material costs.

Pricing is based on the estimation of $72/sq inch of lace.

For additional colors in the foundation of a wefted wig, wefts would be hand-sewn in and priced in respect to installation.

Cranial Cartography

If you're interested in any ventilated customization to your wigs, it is recommended (and sometimes necessary) for you to have a custom formed block made of your head to accommodate the unique-to-you nature of the service. For this one-time $40 fee, we will meet with you, take a few measurements of your head, and fashion a bubble mould to fit onto a cork-filled canvas block that will act as a map of your hairline. Once taken, the mould can be saved and used for any needed ventilation in the future. If you are not able to meet with us in person, hang tight as we are still coordinating the most convenient way for you to send us a bubble mould you make yourself.

Wig Rehab

Wigs not originally made by Blockhead Wigs are accepted on case by case basis. Rehab services are priced according to level of intervention; prices do not include cost of delivery.

Returning hair pieces originally purchased through Blockhead Wigs will receive exclusive, reduced rehab pricing.


At the moment, estimated shipping prices are calculated into your final balance and are priced competitively.

If you are outside of the continental United States, please understand we cannot Airmail aerosol hair spray with your purchase.

Payment Options

Want the wig, but not the bill?
Credit score down under?
Have a niche skill?
We are always open to trades, negotiations, and payment plans.

Contact us for more options.

*Prices are subject to change; Prices do not include Wig Extras, including but not limited to: gems, applique, feathers, fascinators, or 3D printed accessories.