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Please read this entire instruction page to completion before attempting this process.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to a wig that is made to fit the specific architecture of your head shape with a Bubble.

A Bubble is the short, working name for a three dimensional plastic map of your head and hairline. It tells your wig artisan what size to make your wig and where to ventilate or sew the hair to your wig.


To complete your bubble you will need the following items from your At-home Bubble Kit

one (1) soft measuring tape

two (2) permanent markers

one (1) roll of transparent tape

three (3) 1gal storage bags 


If you are missing any of the listed items, please email us at:


In addition to these items, you will need: a light, a mirror (or two if you need to trace the hairline at your nape), any products or tools you use to prep your hair to wear a wig, and isopropyl alcohol (for tracing mistakes).

You may want to recruit a friend or your regular hairstylist to help you complete this, but it is possible to complete all necessary marks of the front hairline and around the ears on your own.


·         Pin and/or cover your hair with a wig cap as if you were going to wear a wig;

Make sure this is how you usually prep your hair as this will be what your custom wig is fitted to.


·         Measure the circumference of your head.

Take note of this measurement and save it for later.

This line should follow from the edge of the front hairline, behind one ear, under the occipital bone at the nape, behind the other ear, and back to the center of the hairline and measured to the nearest whole cm or 1/2 inch (see image).

where to measure head circumference


·         Open a clear bag provided in your kit, and place your head into the bag until the closed end is fit on the top of your head (do not obstruct nose or mouth); you will only need to use one (1) storage bag provided, but we give you more in case it rips or tears while fitting it onto your head. 

If the bag is too small, place the bag over both arms and with closed fists gently stretch the bag out all around rotating the bag after each stretch.

If you are at all claustrophobic when the bag is on, you can cut up the center front of the bag to the bridge of your nose and cut away the excess bag to alleviate any anxieties (leave enough space to map your eyebrows).

·         Tape the corners of the bag flat to the top of your head;

·         Take a length of tape (about a forearm’s length; approximately 13–16in or 33–40cm) and adhere it from the top of one ear to the top of the opposite ear securing the corners of the bag down;

·         Secure another length of tape from the center of your brows to as close to the center of the nape of your neck as you can;
·         Using differently sized strips of tape, carefully tape over the hair and hairline covered by the plastic storage bag;
We found it is best to lay the strips of tape edge to edge for the entire front hairline (including the brows), outline around the ears and nape, and use a grid like pattern at the top, crown, temples, back, and nape of the head to cover your head.
Be sure not to overlap too many layers of tape at the temples; you will be repeating a similar process after you trace your hairline.  


·         Take the black permanent marker and trace your front hairline as best as you can indicating any hair patterns you see–the more detail the better; be sure to trace around the ears and the shape and position of your brows;

Use the other color permanent marker to indicate areas that you would like filled-in in addition to your natural, existing hairline, as well as mapping your brows after make up.

·         Trace a line along where you would like your parting (3–5in/7.5–12.5cm is sufficient) using the black marker.

***For an even better fit: you or a friend, draw a line with the color marker from the center of the forehead straight-back down to the nape of your neck, and a perpendicular line from the top of the ear to cross over the apex (top) of the head to the top of the other ear***

Any drastic mistakes can be wiped away with rubbing alcohol on cotton.


·         Once you have finished all tracings, tape over all markings along the hairline and brows to reduce the chances of smudging during shipping. Tape over any gaps that leave the storage bag exposed with any lengths of tape necessary.

Your bubble should now feel like a thin, firm, plastic shell on your head.


·         To remove the bubble, carefully slide the now taped bag off your head by inching it up and back along the forehead back towards the crown, until it comes off. Sometimes this process can be tricky, but it will come off with gentle coercion.


·         Once the newly formed bubble is off your head, it is absolutely integral that you add to it: your full name, the date you made your bubble, and the measured circumference of your head you took in step two.

This step ensures your bubble will not be mixed up and it can be fitted to the correct sized block later.

·         Gently flatten and fold your bubble so it fits into the mailer;

·         Send your completed bubble to:


Blockhead Wigs

P.O. Box 2403

Bristol, CT 06011


·         Once you have shipped us your bubble, email us and we will be in touch with you when we receive it:

Once we receive your bubble: if you have an order open, we will match it to an appropriately sized block and begin work; if you do not have an open order, we will keep your bubble safe in our work room until you place your order requiring the use of your bubble.


Thank you again for choosing Blockhead Wigs!

We think our instructions are thorough enough for you to complete this on your own—but sometimes you just need to watch!

If you're following along with our instructions, this video takes place starting after you have measured your head and written this measurement down for later.

For simplicity of the video, we used less tape than a standard bubble requires; when your bubble is complete you should not feel any of the storage bag through gaps in the tape.

Also, check out Daniel Koye (the man who taught us the way of the bubble) make Vanessa William's bubble for wig prep on the side of a NYC street !

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